Sacred And Profane


SACRED AND PROFANE 7 May – 22 August 2016

In Brief

Dates: May 7- August 22, 2016
Venue / Address:
Art Gallery of Western Australia
Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

In Detail


Three large-scale works by renowned international artists

This majestic display of three international large-scale works sees Public Notice 2 2007 by Jitish Kallat installed along the entire length of a gallery wall. For Kallat, this 58 metre version of Ghandi’s famous 1930s speech is a resurrection of Ghandi’s words in anticipation of finding new meaning within them, for our current troubled times.
Alongside Kallat’s work is Chinese Bible 2009 by Chinese artist Yang Zhichao. Over 3,000 diaries and notebooks created during the first five decades of communism tell the personal stories of day-to-day life under an oppressive regime.
These works are also partnered with AGWA’s significant acquisition, The sacred and the profane 1998 by Indian artist Nalini Malani. One of the Collection icons, it is composed of four gently rotating cylinders illustrated with fluid, lyrical paintings that evoke aspects of Indian myth and belief. These are illuminated by three lights that project the figures onto the wall, turning the room into an evolving drawing in colour, light and shadow.

Malani's work engages with the present and past of Indian history and the beliefs that have sustained it. Her practice moves across, in the most sophisticated of ways, painting, drawing, installation and projection.

Nalini Malani is one of India’s most innovative and compelling artists. She has an international profile having exhibited from Tokyo to the US, and her work is included in collections such as British Museum, London, Asia Society Museum, New York and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The three international works weave together the detailed and personal, the sacred and profane, into breathtaking pieces that inspire immediate awe through their sheer scale.

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