Radical Ecologies


A major group exhibition, Radical Ecologies features artists working at the intersection of environmental, sexual and geopolitical concerns to define new ecologies and unravel old dystopias.

In Brief

Dates: July 31- September 4
Venue / Address:
51 James St, Northbridge WA 6003, Perth

In Detail

Radical Ecologies brings exciting emerging voices in live art encounters together with rhizomatic visual artists. Sensorial and experimental, the artists propose alternative spaces to inhabit, exploring eco sexual urges and creating genre and gender defying clubhouses where hierarchies dissolve and new landscapes emerge. They set olfactory challenges, go plant bombing and unlock the secret lives of bees.

This exhibition creates hothouses of enquiry and invites the visitor into arousing environments that complicate gender, sexuality, and question the complex relationship between our bodies and the natural world.

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