A firsthand look at being young and Muslim in modern Australia.

In Brief

Dates: April 30- July 16
Venue / Address:
Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery
University of Western Australia, Perth

In Detail

Presenting nine contemporary artists whose otherwise diverse work is tied together by their experiences of being young and Muslim in Australia. The featured artists are (almost) all members of ‘Generation Y’, growing up or migrating to Australia in the 1990s and early 2000s, and their work reflects lives spent living with and challenging a ‘post-9/11’ construction of Muslim identity.

Abdul Abdullah’s photography and Fatima Mawas’s short films starkly confront the contradictions that continue to emerge from anti-Muslim sentiments in Australia. Nadia Faragaab and Idil Abdullahi express notions of ‘Somaliness’ through domestic objects representing romantic yearnings for Somalia. Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Zahrah Habibullah and Rubaba Haider recollect delicate objects evoking childhood memories and familiar surroundings. Suzi Elhafez deconstructs concepts of Islamic ornamentation and cosmology through the senses, while Marziya Mohammedali exposes the ongoing plight of asylum seekers in Australia’s detention centres.

HERE&NOW is a series of annual exhibitions at LWAG that are led by emerging curators and showcase the outstanding work of contemporary Western Australian artists.

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